Manufacturing & Donating PPE for health care heroes!

Over the past few weeks, we have also been manufacturing much needed Face-Shields and donating them to NHS, Red Cross and care homes!
We have done it!

The face-shields have been helpful to our health care heroes, fighting Coronavirus to keep us safe!

Today, our dream target of 1000 donations has been realised, as follows!

  1. 200 to Eric Williams House, Coventry
  2. 200 to Royal Leamington Spa Rehab Hospital, Leamington Spa
  3. 280 to Red Cross
  4. 40 to Wood End Surgery, Coventry
  5. 40 to Forrest Medical Centre, Coventry
  6. 240 to Coventry Health & Walk-in Centre
This wouldn’t have been possible without each one of you supporting us through our science kits so a very warm thank you to you 😊 You are as much part of this project as we are!


A special thanks to AVL Powertrain UK for making this project a reality!

Have a look at the video of laser cutting and assembling them.


We kindly donated the first bath of 200 Face Shields to Eric Williams House in Coventry, a care home for elderly with dementia.


We donated 100 face shields to British Red Cross, and 200 to Royal Leamington Spa Rehab Hospital!


ppe donations

ï»żDonations made to Forrest Medical Centre in Coventry!


Few donations made to Wood End Health Centre in Coventry!

ppe donations

240 Face shields kindly donated to City of Coventry Health & Walk-in Centre!


AVL who are supporting us with the initiative, is the world's largest independent company for the development, simulation and testing of powertrain systems. Read More:

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