Our Story

Atul Gupta
Atul Gupta, Founder & Creator
I am a Chartered Engineer and a STEM Ambassador, and I love building stuff. Since little, I have been making and breaking little machines (breaking more than making!), toys and household things around me. Some worked, some didn't. I also grew up with tools around me; my father being a Mechanical Engineer himself. I strongly believe my career goals and life aspirations have fruitfully aligned me in Engineering.
I started BornToBuild with the aim of getting children and parents to be involved in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) through as I did; by building things! When kids build stuff themselves, they learn more about the principles of science and get a sense of appreciation towards their creation. Engaging them in building things helps develop their cognitive and motor skills (and keeps them away from screens)!
I am proud to design & manufacture all BornToBuild kits myself.
I have designed our Logo from common tools & gadgets that we see and use in our daily lives!  
 born to build
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