Donation to 50 families!

On World Cancer Day, I have donated our Science kits to 50 families of children diagnosed with cancer.

These children mostly have brain tumours, leukaemia & lymphomas; some will fight to recover, most will devlop further life limiting/ changing disabililty, & unfortunately some are terminally ill.

Our kits will serve as fun learning activities for children to make memories with their parents, however short they may be.

COVID-19 has been especially difficult for them since funding & support structure has reduced & lockdown has caused them to be home, instead of being outside to play and learn. I just hope the kits bring them joy, happiness & memories for parents.

Shine A Light Support Service are the charity providing much needed support for cancer afflicted families, holding their hands every step of the way, who will be distributing our science kits to the children.

cancer donation


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