lemon battery
lemon battery
lemon battery
lemon battery
lemon battery
lemon battery
lemon battery
lemon battery

Lemon Battery with Voltmeter

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Kit Description

The Lemon Battery, is a Galvanic Cell, also known as a Voltaic Cell.

It is an electrochemical cell in which 2 electrodes (Zinc and Copper) are separated by an electrolyte (lemon juice- acidic in nature). This cell derives electrical energy from chemical reactions taking place in the cell.

This simple cell is named after Luigi Galvani & Alessandro Volta, both of whom contributed to inventing and developing the electrochemical cell in (~1780s-1790s). Luigi actually used frogs as the electrolyte.

Why is our Lemon Battery different? We include a Voltmeter so you can conduct meaningful Scientific Experiments to compare voltages of different Galvanic Cells! Of course you can light an LED (also included)!

Kit requires 2x AA batteries, not included in the kit.

Ages 7-90+.

Kit contains small parts, not suitable of children under 3 years.

Note: Over time, Zinc will oxidize and will lose its capability to produce a voltage; simply replace the nails (& Lemons)! Head over to our Spares collection to order Zinc & Copper Nails. Spare Voltmeter for other DIY projects also available.


Packaged Dimensions: 24 cm x 18 cm x 2.5 cm (approx)

Packaged Weight: 170 gm

Order Dimensions and Weight might be higher based on order size and shipping method.

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