2020 Craft Market, Fairs & Festivals

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many markets have had to be cancelled for this year to support and show solidarity with the ones hit with this crisis. Bath Artisan, Frome Independent, Guildford High School, Guildford Market and Weybridge Christmas Fair might go ahead, with slim chances depending on the day to day developments.

For 2020, we were to be present at:

1. Barnes Fair

2. Bath Artisan Market

3. Frome Independent

4. Surbiton Fair

5. Guildford High School

6. Guildford Market

7. Weybridge Christmas Market

8. Burys St Edmund Christmas Market

However, Barnes, Surbiton & Burys St Edmund Christmas Market, which are held annually have been cancelled. Markets from April through to August end are also cancelled. 

But do not worry, you can still order our Science kits online, actually, it's better for us too. This keeps all of us safe and sound, and helps us keep a smaller environmental impact and let's you shop at home at any time!

Browse our products online! 

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